Management and Engineering Committee

A dedicated team

“Thanks to our employees, Solaxis has built an excellent reputation over the years. I’m proud to admit that I’m surrounded by very competent and high-performing colleagues. My team of qualified managers is efficient in every aspect, and we are all aligned on a simple business strategy. The entire team shares the company’s values.

François Guilbault, Eng., MBA

François Guilbault

François Guilbault


Since the begining of my career, I have been involved in the continuous improvement, quality management, manufacturing management and optimization of industrial processes. I have held positions as project manager, consultant and coach for large manufacturing organizations (Alcan, Bombardier, GE, IBM). In 2010, I founded Solaxis Ingenious Manufacturing Inc. with the goal of becoming a leader in additive manufacturing for large companies and their supply chains in Canada and the United States.

• Strategic planning, manufacturing management, technical project management
• Technical sales and technical solutions development for our customers
• Additive manufacturing, industrial 3D printing
• Continuous improvement (Six Sigma, ISO 9001)
• Quality control, industrial statistics

Mario Prevost

Mario Prevost

Engineering and Production Supervisor

I joined the Solaxis team after graduating as a mechanical engineer in 2010. I am an expert in technical estimating, technical sales, and engineering supervision and production. Through many years of experience in additive manufacturing, I acquired an advanced expertise that is specific to our technological processes. I play a leading role in understanding technical requirements and offering personalized solutions that are adapted to each client's needs.

• Engineering and production supervision
• Manufacturing and production management
• Development of value-added technical solutions for our clients
• Mechanical design and assemblies
• Advanced expertise in additive manufacturing
Marie-Christine Flibotte

Marie-Christine Flibotte

Marketing communications and inside sales specialist

To effectively convey Solaxis' added value and to help you develop your projects so you can benefit from better operational practices.

Having earned a bachelor's degree in communication sciences, I have worked in differend areas of communications, marketing and sales since 2012, interwined with strategic project management. With several years of dedicated experience in the industrial sector, I have an excellent understanding of your different operational challenges. I am pleased to help you discover the benefits of additive manufacturing!

Solaxis is an innovative company committed to continuous improvement, innovation and automation. I am at the head of various strategic projects which aim to support and serve you. With more than ten years of experience in communications, I develop strategies and objectives to optimize our positioning in the market and always cater to your real needs.

Caroline Gendron

Caroline Gendron

Continuous Improvement and Maintenance Manager

To ensure and improve Solaxis' organizational structures through increased process automation, facilitating and accelerating employees' work. I am also in charge of reducing operations with lower added value to deliver you a product that is compliant and on time.

With extensive experience in high-automation and control systems environments, I have developed expertise in project management and quality management. For more than 20 years, I have held positions as a manufacturing engineer (equipment and processes) and project manager for large manufacturing organizations and SMEs.

At Solaxis, I am responsible for continuous improvement, the quality management system (ISO 9001 – AS 9100), the controlled goods program (CGP) as well as the production management systems (ERP) and engineering document management (EPDM). My studies in mechanical engineering and my continuing education in quality and programming help me constantly optimize and strengthen our work processes. This also allows me to automate our systems and the way they communicate, ensuring you a controlled product with reliable traceability.
Caroline Pomerleau

Caroline Pomerleau

Financial Control, Information Systems and Project Management

To ensure the company's long-term sustainability and to optimize our technological investment capabilities to maintain our leadership in the industry.

My university training in physical sciences allowed me to develop my cognitive capacities, logical reasoning and ability to synthesize. These qualities are necessary to develop comprehensive and organized action strategies. My professional experiences within different SMEs, combined with my management skills, allow me to implement various projects directly related to the company's challenges.

We position ourselves as frontrunners of the 4.0 era. Our digital plan's deployment and our efforts to integrate digital technologies into all areas of the company allow us to constantly improve our products' quality and our ability to innovate. Our ultimate goal is to adapt our production activities to your needs in real time.

The Solaxis Difference


  • Additive manufacturing with world class processes
  • Finishing to the aerospace and military standards
  • First Article Inspection – FAIR
  • Certificate of conformity – CoC
  • ISO 9001, AS 9100 and Controlled Goods Programs certifications
  • Advanced engineering thermoplastics
    • Impact, heat, mechanical, chemical, UV and dielectric resistance
    • Antistatic
    • Self-lubricating
    • FST- FAR 25.853

Modern Facilities

  • A variety of cutting-edge manufacturing equipment
  • Finishing department that meets the aerospace and military standards
  • Cybersecurity
  • Reliability guaranteed by our auxiliary equipment:
    • Industrial generator and UPS backup, as well as high-performance servers
    • ERP system and EPDM vault
The Solaxis Difference