Finishing that meets high requirements

To meet the requirements of our customers in the aeronautics, defence, transport, and industrial sectors, we have developed a wide range of finishing techniques for the parts produced with the help of our industrial 3D printers.

We have invested time and energy in developing methods, techniques and equipment at the cutting edge of technology in order to be able to deliver an impeccable, long-lasting finish that meets the stringent requirements of manufacturing industries.

Finishing that meets high requirements


3D printed painted part finishing
Dyed 3D SLS parts
Finishing types 3D printing
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Decision-making tool for finishing

We are committed to enlightening you in your choices. Here is a tool with some examples to help you define your needs for part finishing.

We offer different levels of finishing, to meet all your specific needs.

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Automated finishing

Raw SLS part

Sealed part

  • Automated and eco-friendly vapor fused sealing process

Manual finishing

Raw FDM part

Finished part

* Finishing complies to geometries and tolerances

  • Sanded
  • Smoothed
  • Coated



  • Reduction / Elimination of stair-stepping from the process of additive manufacturing
  • Homogeneous surface thanks to our automated smoothing methods
  • Semi-glossy surfaces with ideal properties: the foundation for superior coloring results
  • High scratch resistance
  • Soft to the touch


  • Achievement of good surface finishes of the parts according to your dimensioning elements:
    • Roughness, geometry, and appearance of surfaces
    • According to: RA 63, 125, 250
  • Equipped with the right surface measurement technologies
  • Automated and environmentally safe surfacing technology


  • Coloring according to different standards or pallet of colors:
    • Quality control of color match according to ASTM D1729
  • Matte, glossy, textured finish
  • Environmentally safe, automated tinting technology that ensures consistent and uniform finishes

Dye, painting and coating

  • Compliance with standards:
    • Aerospace standard FST FAR 25.853
    • Automotive quality
    • RoHS and REACH
    • Low VOC
  • Matte, glossy, textured finish
  • Certificate of traceability
  • Industrial painting room and state-of-the-art equipment
  • Equipped with quality technologies to measure applied layer thicknesses
  • Environmentally safe, automated dyeing technology that ensures consistent and uniform finishes
  • NADCAP certified subcontractors


  • Texture obtained from an automated process
  • Texture integrated into the 3D model


  • Automated process for sealing Polyamides (PA) and Polyetherimide (PEI)
  • Leak test to check the quality of the seal – Ability to seal parts with strengths greater than 50 PSI
  • Sealing technique with special coatings
  • Smooth and uniform finishing process
  • “Washable” type parts with surface similar to injection
  • Increase in mechanical properties:
    • Resistance to certain pressure levels
    • Permeability
    • Elongation
    • UV resistance
    • Durability and resistance to high temperatures
  • Automated and environmentally safe forced steam sealing technology that ensures consistent and uniform finishes


  • Assembly for large format parts (greater than 3 x 2 x 3 feet)
  • Preparation of your CAD models for seamless integration
  • Addition of interlocking and positioning systems
  • Various hot welding techniques
  • Installation of components by mechanical or adhesive fixing
  • Dimensional inspection to verify the conformity of the assemblies

Marking - identification

  • 3D Contour laser marking without text or graphic deformation
  • Etching technique with speciality coatings and wet paints
  • Speciality ink marking for aerospace (coming soon)

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