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Finishing that meets high requirements

To meet the requirements of our customers in the aeronautics, defence, transport, and industrial sectors, we have developed a wide range of finishing techniques for the parts produced with the help of our industrial 3D printers.

We have invested time and energy in developing methods, techniques and equipment at the cutting edge of technology in order to be able to deliver an impeccable, long-lasting finish that meets the stringent requirements of manufacturing industries.

Finishing that meets high requirements

Compare the finishing according to different layer thickness

FDM finishing decision support tool

We are committed to enlightening you in your choices. Here is a tool to help you better understand the differences between an unfinished part according to different layer thickness and a finished part.

Note that we offer different degrees of finishing, to meet all your specific needs.

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Unfinished part

Finished part

* Finishing complies to geometries and tolerances

  • Sanded
  • Smoothed
  • Coated


Specialized equipment and a qualified team

All our projects are meticulously carried out by our finishing specialists. We put our experience to work for customers in order to find the best solutions for even the most complex projects.

  • Industrial paint room that meets the standards of the aeronautics and ground transport industries
  • Specialized sanding tables
  • Qualified industrial painters
Specialized equipment and a qualified team

Adapted finishing solutions

Colour and brilliance

  • Colour matching, according to your requirements
  • FED-STD-595
  • RAL

Compliance with standards

  • Aeronautics standard FTS 25.853
  • RoHS and REACH
  • Low VOC

Specialized coating

  • Epoxy sealants
  • Textured surface finishing
Adapted finishing solutions

Assembly and large format

We have a large 3 x 2 x 3 feet build envelope. For larger parts, we have developed sophisticated assembly techniques.

  • Adaptation of your drawings to create assemblies of resistant large-format parts
  • Addition of embedding and positioning systems
  • Addition of material in order to increase contact surface for adhesives
  • Ability to rapidly produce assembly jigs in-house for large format parts
  • Possibility of in-house dimensional inspection in order to verify assembly compliance
Assembly and large format

Component installation

  • Addition of metal inserts to be able to screw components
  • Ability to adjust 3D models to ensure smooth integration of your components into your parts
  • Insertion of external components supplied by customers
Component installation

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