Capitalizing on operational excellence to better serve our customers

Solaxis places paramount importance on continually improving its products and services. Among other things, our efforts are reflected by our certified processes, our ongoing commitment to the development of our human resources, and our implementation of sustainable and environmentally responsible practices.

Effective quality system

Continuous Improvement Program

Solaxis is one of the programs recognized by the industry which allow us to target a continuous improvement procedure over time by identifying performance gaps in order to determine the actions required to position ourselves better in the supply chain.

We prioritize a framework of excellence based on three fundamental principles in order to be competitive: excellent leadership, operational excellence, as well as excellent labour planning and development.

Continuous Improvement Program

Our Quality Policy

Solaxis Ingenious Manufacturing Inc. is committed to continually supplying products and services align with our strategic plan that meet or exceed its customers’ requirements and expectations. We strive for quality enhancement through programs that allow each employee to do consistently excellent work, every time, from the beginning.

Our Quality Policy

Efficient and Automated Quality System

From its inception, Solaxis has always sought to align with customer needs and to demonstrate excellence in its business structure. In recent years, this focus on quality has led us to adopt the best management systems:

  • Customer relationship management (CRM)
  • Engineering management (EPDM)
  • Production management (ERP)

These systems have allowed us to automate many processes in order to maintain the simplicity, flexibility, and speed that are essential to our clientele. These processes are fully integrated and form the bedrock of a management and quality system that makes us very proud.

Efficient and Automated Quality System

Industry 4.0: innovation, automation and excellent reliability

The high-quality production process, IT structure and data automation developed by Solaxis assure good management and traceability of projects in leading-edge sectors.

  •  Innovation through all our business processes
  • Modern installations and reliable equipment, with an IT infrastructure design for SMEs with 30-300 employees
  • 360 kVa generator
  • 3-phase industrial UPS back-up
  • Cybersecurity
Industry 4.0: innovation, automation and excellent reliability

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The Solaxis difference


  • Additive manufacturing with world class processes
  • Finishing to the aerospace and military standards
  • First Article Inspection – FAIR
  • Certificate of conformity – CoC
  • ISO 9001, AS 9100 and Controlled Goods Programs certifications
  • Advanced engineering thermoplastics
    • Impact, heat, mechanical, chemical, UV and dielectric resistance
    • Antistatic
    • Self-lubricating
    • FST- FAR 25.853

Modern Facilities

  • A variety of cutting-edge manufacturing equipment
  • Finishing department that meets the aerospace and military standards
  • Cybersecurity
  • Reliability guaranteed by our auxiliary equipment:
    • Industrial generator and UPS backup, as well as high-performance servers
    • ERP system and EPDM vault
The Solaxis difference